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Here Are the Three Guys that Knocked Off “50 West Armory” in Chantilly Over the Weekend

The Fairfax County Police Department just released surveillance footage of the guys that robbed a gun store in Chantilly over the weekend. Three guys (see descriptions below) broke in to 50 West Armory early last Saturday morning and took off with 35 guns…and I’m assuming a fair amount of ammo. Not much to go off…

Lock Up Your Firearms Folks! (Especially in Loudoun County)

Local TV station WHAG-TV is reporting a rash of thefts involving firearms primarily in the Loudoun County area. “We are up to 20 firearms that have been stolen since the beginning of November,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman. The worst part is that these thefts have been stolen from vehicles…most of them that were…

UPDATED: “10 Suspects” Smash and Grab Gun Store in Theft Caught on Video in Houston

UPDATE: Original Post: HOUSTON – Police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a Carter’s Country gun shop in in southwest Houston overnight. Employees the store on Wilcrest near the Southwest Freeway were still cleaning up Tuesday afternoon nearly 12 hours after the crime. “I’m very shocked, and I’m very stunned this could happen…

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