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Hit-and-Run on Cloverfield and Broadway – Santa Monica, CA

I saw this Ford Explorer hit a car that was going straight on Cloverfield Blvd. towards Santa Monica Blvd around 6:40pm yesterday. The Ford Explorer was in the left lane, but turned right on Broadway, hitting the front left side of the car and knocking off what looked like part of the bumper. The driver…

Need Witness for Wreck on I-20 Eastbound Near Mile 42 in Outside Atlanta, GA

I was involved in a wreck this morning 5/21 at 11:04 near mile marker 42 eastbound on I-20 outside Atlanta. I (a red Ford F150) was side swiped by a red dump truck. The dump truck driver is lying to the state troopers trying to avoid liability but so much damage was done that I…

Need Help Identifying Criminal Truck Year/Model and Plate Info From Grainy Video

So the truck in the video has been circling my shop for some time now, randomly and always late at night. He uses the large container in the bed for purposes of siphoning fuel out of our trucks and several others I’m sure. We’ve got locking gas caps on two of our vehicles however the…

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