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Vietnam Vet Searching For Family of Squad Leader He Carried Out of Ambush in 1969

I am searching for the family of Randall Ortiz, United States Marine Corps, died Aug. 20, 1969 in the mountains of Vietnam. A Navajo, he was my squad leader and teacher. I was the squad corpsman and unable to save him during an ambush on that day. I carried him out of the jungle. I…

[CAPTURED!] Stolen Motorcycle in Denver, CO – Thieves Caught on Video

K/S Update: Krimeshare has been contacted by detectives in the Denver area revealing the thief has been identified and is currently in custody.  Win!  The lead detective in the case said Krimeshare was vital in positively identifying the suspect.  No word on whether the stolen motorcycle has been recover yet. EDIT 5: Looks like /u/zeeshopper…

$500 Reward

Stolen Ducati in Denver, CO – Reward if Found

Hey loving redditors, can you please keep a look out for my Ducati? It was stolen in Cap-hill area, but recently couple people spotted in Baker district. Anybody spots the bike to help me recover it gets 500 in Denverite currency! –thnomsfud I parked it between two vehicles on Emerson St, on the street, between…

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