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Lady Waltzes into Alexandria Target Store and Walks Off With $40K Worth of iPhones.

Seriously, it’s that easy to steal $40k worth of iPhones at a Target? I really hope they catch this woman that posed as a Target employee to get to the stock room to make her haul…but that’s some pretty lax security there Target… From the Fairfax County Police Department’s FB page below: Mount Vernon Police…

iPhone 7 Stolen in Broad Daylight in Garden Grove, CA

I live in this Taft Cottages Garden Grove, CA community and I was trying to sell my iPhone 7 I got for my mom (she liked her old phone more) today at 6pm and I got jacked by 2 black males at the front of the community. Attached is a video of their car and…

‘Mysterious Lady’ Accidentally Tosses Apple 1 Computer Worth $200K

An older woman did not realize her unwanted computer remains were valued at $200,000 after she dropped off the boxes at an electronic recycling shop. “She dropped off a couple boxes like that,” said Clean Bay Area Vice President Victor Gichun. Gichun says the woman cleaned out her late husband’s garage and dropped off two…

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