Krimeshare is a crowd-sourced investigation website that empowers all people everywhere the opportunity to contribute towards personal and law enforcement investigations involving the safety and well-being of communities small and large.

It serves three primary goals:

  1. Provide a relevant, attractive, and focused online venue for investigations both personal & communal.
  2. Give users an easy-to-use tool to be involved and effectively contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities.
  3. Significantly increase law enforcement investigative resources and reduce overhead so agencies can better allocate people and resources.


Krimeshare exists to easily connect concerned citizens and allow them to assist with law enforcement and community investigations, leveraging and incentivizing the almost inexhaustible knowledge, experience, and fortitude of millions of Internet users that would otherwise remain an untapped resource to support-constrained law enforcement agencies and other entities across the world.

One Source, One Focus, Cross-Platform

Disparate and “noisy” social and news media are not designed to facilitate this type of focused, collaborative effort and law enforcement resources cannot keep up with the modern trends and technologies that agile and effective publicly-assisted investigations require online and for mobile devices.

Krimeshare centralizes this data into a versatile user-friendly platform that gives users a cohesive and efficient means that they’re already familiar with, to learn and contribute to the social good of our communities while at the same time bridging the gap between law enforcement and social media seamlessly.

Inclusive Participation

In addition to providing social awareness of published local, state, national, and international criminal activity, Krimeshare facilitates the efficient dissemination of data and information vital to a community’s well-being by offering registered users the ability to contribute and submit their own cases for submission consideration.


Krimeshare offers the sharing of information of non-criminal and cold case activity that too often is marginalized or altogether forgotten on account of lack of law enforcement resources and loss of social awareness. Cold cases find new life on Krimeshare and non-criminal investigations receive the attention they too deserve.

Here are some of the ways Krimeshare can help people and communities:

Krimeshare launched July 2015, created by concerned citizens like you in an effort to modernize the way publicly-solicited investigative operations were run and to give a relevant and motivating platform for invested citizens to have a voice and a hand in how their communities were being protected.