Claudia Parker

Claudia Parker

I’d venture a guess that the average person believes law enforcement has missing persons reports completely under control.

Sure occasionally we see those Amber Alerts  – and we surely notice those “emergency” beeps on our phone when one is blasted out.

But did you know there were over 600,000 missing persons reports filed with law enforcement in the US in 2014 alone?[i]

Despite I’m sure their best efforts, law enforcement just cannot have the resources available to dedicate the same amount of effort for all 600,000+.   Delays are inevitable, and that’s lost time we don’t have.

According to Amy Dobbs, an investigator with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office,

“The first 12-24 hours are the most critical in an active missing persons investigation.  The longer it takes for a case to be reported and become an active investigation, the less likely a positive outcome will occur.”[ii]

For children, the first three hours are especially critical because 76% of abducted children who are killed die within that time frame, according to a 2006 study by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

After a report is filed, worried parents and concerned loved ones can do little apart from desperate pleas on social media, email blasts, and a whole lot of praying.

Missing_girlsKrimeshare gives folks the chance to easily, and most importantly, quickly establish a comprehensive case page for their beloved missing individual.

This case page can then be effectively disseminated to the community, social media, and outlets that law enforcement just has no presence.

It cannot bring comfort to someone experiencing the fear and uncertainty of a missing loved, but it can give finding them a better chance, even just if a small one.

Don’t feel like an inadequate Facebook post or posting flyers in your neighborhood are your only options!


Just click the submit button in the top-right to get started!

  • Create professionally-looking, mobile-friendly missing person’s case page – for free, anywhere!
  • Post all the pictures and videos you want*
  • Raise awareness within the community efficiently and effectively.
  • Recruit everyone on the Internet to help find the person.
  • Share on social media to get the word out.
  • Assist the local media and law enforcement in their efforts with a central and consistent platform.


*Original submissions are limited to 4 image attachments.  Please contact us if you’d like to submit more or would like to upload video!