Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Sure big-time investigations like murder suspects at large and missing children alerts are really important and deserve the spotlight rightfully so.

But you know what’s also important? Your missing cat Mr. Fuzzybear is important. Or perhaps your shiny new red bicycle that was yanked just the other day. Maybe some local yokels egged your pristine new ride parked outside your apartment last night and the police just don’t have the time to add the incident to the wire.

These things may not register a blip on the media or law enforcement radar, but they are important to you.

I guarantee Pee Wee wished he had Krimeshare when his bicycle was stolen.

I guarantee Pee Wee wished he had Krimeshare when his bicycle was stolen.

Well no longer do you have to resort solely to ineffective posts on Facebook and maybe a shout out to the local police’s Twitter account (that of course goes unheard). And gone are the days of printing out 500 copies of paper (yea for trees!) and spending all day stapling them to every telephone pole in a 5 mile radius.

Krimeshare can fully facilitate your pleas for help!

Just submit a case for submission (add some text, photos, and even link to videos) and you’ll have your own personal, professional-looking, fully functional investigation online!  Blast it out to all your peeps.

By submitting the case on Krimeshare, you’ll go from a potential traditional audience of maybe a few hundred…to, I don’t know, say millions!

So when Missy, Max, Chloe, Rocky, Lulu, or BooBoo go missing…grab your phone or lappy and #KrimeItUp right away.  There may be no criminals involved, but a missing pet is surely a crime against the universe!

Let’s solve this, together! #KrimeItUp