Many hands make light work.

Have you ever been watching the news or reading a website about a story happening in your area and thought to yourself, “My friend, wife, neighbor, mother, nephew, co-worker, 712 Facebook friends etc. needs to hear about this!”  Of course you have!

We’ve all seen or heard about investigations soliciting the public for info that not only interest/intrigue us, but we know lots of other people we know would be interested too. Yet too often these sources, and the ability to share said information, is all over the place. Either it’s muddled on a chaotic social network feed, on a local media outlet bombarded with annoying ads, or crudely posted on a police website coded in 2002 (I don’t blame them; they’re not IT specialists nor should be, or spending public money on it!).

Enter Krimeshare.

But Krimeshare needs you! The ability for concerned citizens and Internet sleuths to actually contribute in this process is novel and awesome and all, but it requires folks to participate to really reach its potential.

Enter You.

Sure the media outlets cover the big national stories and even regional and some local ones pretty well (even still the best they can do is have you call a phone number to help…in 2015!) but what about all those local and even neighborhood crimes and investigations that really do affect you and have fallen on media and law enforcement deaf ears? What about all those cold cases collecting dust in basement file cabinets?

Krimeshare needs you to give a voice to the people, communities, and neighborhoods that have up to this point mostly just been spectators in the Internet age.

How you can help

  1. Register – whether you plan on contributing or not, do it just in case. It’s too easy not to.


  1. Share – social media still has its strengths!


  1. #KrimeItUp – start contributing…submit some cases in your area for publication, comment on cases that interest you or that you can share a tip on, and go start sleuthing to help solve a case already published!


Let’s solve this! #KrimeItUp